Apple has started assembling iPhone SE in India


Apple has made an announcement regarding its new venture. Apple has finally started manufacturing its low priced iPhone SE smartphones in India. As we can see a series of new smartphones are getting launched everyday, one has to make some new strategies to stay sticked in the current position. For this very same reason, Apple has begun manufacturing the low ranged iPhone SE smartphones in India for Indian consumers. 

Furthermore, the new iPhone SE handsets are being assembled by Taiwanese contractor Wistron. The phones will begin shipping from this month’s end. As you know, Samsung too is planning to come up with a number of high end smartphones with extraordinary features, Apple has to boost up its market by eyeing on the market which is growing more faster and India is the only place to choose when it comes to boost the market range.

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Talking about the current scenario, the entire Indian technology market is covered by Chinese products, Apple is trying to cover this market by selling out its low range smartphones starting from $399. According to the reports and researches, around 50% of the smartphone market is covered by Chinese manufacturers. On the other side, a few perfect of the share goes to Samsung with its uncountable number of smartphones. With respect to this current scenario, Apple is trying to attract more eyeballs so anyone can easily go along with an Apple product. Apple will soon come up with a range of new iPhones in the market once the market is established well for the Indian consumers.