Apple silently discontinued the iPod Classic



The very first iPod music player launched 13 years ago, in October 2001 at Flint event itself. It remained one of Apple’s remarkable product over the years, despite decrements in sales of this product the music lovers increasingly moving towards streaming subscription services. Now, as Apple moves into bigger screen smartphones and smartwatch devices with the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Tuesday, a standalone music player has become too ancient to it keep alive.

It only took four years, but the iPod classic is finally dead. As part of the Apple website overhaul, the iPod Classic has finally been removed from sale. The new website has been modernized in many ways, but as a byproduct the Classic has been cut from Apple’s flagship.

Apple in June cut the price on the iPod Touch line, gave it a new rear-facing camera, and added new color selections. After Q3 in 2014, the iPod market has yet to break more than 12 million units sold which is less than half of 2013 sales figures.

Also, with Apple relieving itself of the iPad 2 back this year, iPhone 4S and the iPod classic today, you will not be able to buy a 30-pin device not only from Apple but 3rd party stores also can’t sell across the world.

Comment is all yours to reveal your expression after what Apple has done to all music lovers. Share this if you are gonna miss the era of mp3 music with iPod Classic.

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