Apple Sends Invitations on September event : iPhone 6 Launch Expected


The tech giant Apple has sent invitations for an event which will held on September, 9th of this year 2014. The event will organize near its Silicon Valley headquarters, amid rumors the tech giant will unveil a new iPhone and might be its first ever wearable device will also be announced.


According to some of the rumors, the Apple’s have been swirling for months, with many observers convinced a new-generation iPhone with a larger screen could be on the cards. The tech giant has expected to merge the style and innovation, along with some of the sensors and computing power, in a wrist-worn device which wirelessly links to iPhones or iPads. The Apple is typically updated its product cycle in the second half of the year, getting a lift from holiday sales. And the last year the Apple has  unveiled the iPhone 5S and the lower-priced iPhone 5C in September, getting record sales after the launch.

The famously secretive company offered scant clues in emailed invites that showed the date in large numbers over the words: “Wish we could say more.” The tech giant Apple has fine-tuned its new operating system which will allow for mobile payments and also includes a health platform, that could be meshed nicely with an  Apple upcoming Smart Watch i.e. The “iWatch” for tracking activity, sleep, pulse and more.