Apple reveals OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 at WWDC


Apple software chief Craig Federighi revealed new “translucent materials” in the transformed OS, which also offers new icons and bright colors. The translucent material boost to many regions of the updated operating system, with a presentation showing it behaving to the background image in the sidebar of Finder and Messages. Most of the translucent effects are similar to the iOS 7 launched last year with the iPhone 5.

Apple WWDCApple reveals OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 at WWDC

Apple named this updated “Yosemite” named after the California National Park. According to the report the Yosemite will be available later and end users will also be able to register themselves for the beta program in the summer. Also said that the Yosemite will be free with mavericks.

The announcements were made at the company’s annual WWDC. Apple also revealed a system called Continuity, that allows you to drag, drop, switch text among any connected device with it. For example, an you have connected your iPad with the Mac, and suppose you are writing a mail on it, just use the Continuity and swipe the document to resume writing on your iPad, also after completing the document you can swipe back to the mac to send the mail. This is all about controlling and editing text over connected iDevices using this system.

If we talk about the latest announced iOS 8 mobile operating system at WWDC in Sac Francisco, The company has revealed a new health-monitoring app for iOS 8, HealthKit. The app logs statistics like a consumer’s heart rate, footsteps and sleep activity. The app also allows you to pull data from health-monitoring hardware and third-party fitness.

Customers and fans waiting for new iPhones or a wearable smart watch will have to wait little more— Apple didn’t showed any new hardware device on Monday at WWDC. The company has traditionally reserved fall and winter for its biggest product announcements to point the holiday shopping and back-to-school seasons.

New features coming with iOS 8

  • New Apple Healthbook with great UI and functionality.
  • Improved Apple Maps app introduced
  • Improved Siri with more voice commands, also embeds Shazam.
  • iTunes Radio with HD Audio quality claims lossless audio.
  • Drag, drop, preview and text edit.
  • Ability to connect easily with the Apple’s iWatch.
  • Multitasking with Split Screen app
  • Allows you to automatic update your apps depending on the time.
  • Game Center chopped from the iOS 8.

iOS application developers will now have the capacity to exploit the unique finger impression sensor on the most recent iPhones for things like letting individuals log into their applications. Craig Federighi, the organization’s senior VP of software engineering, who conveyed the greater part of the keynote presentation, said that engineers would not get access to the fingerprints themselves — a user’s fingerprints will remain safely stored inside the iPhone’s processor, he said.

WWDC Apple

Apple also introduced HomeKit, a set of tools for developers to make iPhones more integrated with the so-called smart home, or wirelessly controlled home appliances like light bulbs, thermostats or door locks. One tool will allow Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, to communicate with these devices — saying “Get ready for bed” could dim the lights, close the garage door and lower the thermostat, for example.

Apple also revealed Homekit, a set of instruments for developers to make iPhones more coordinated with the supposed savvy home, or remotely controlled home appliances like lights, indoor regulators or entryway locks. One instrument will permit Apple’s voice associate, Siri, to speak with these gadgets — saying “Get prepared for couch” could lower the lights, close the carport entryway and bring down the indoor regulator, for example.

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