Apple releases new iAd Formats, Launches new network in two countries


What is iAd? iAd is a mobile advertising platform developed by Apple Inc for its devices which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod  which  line of mobile devices allowing third-party developers to directly embed advertisements into their applications. iAd platform is expected to compete with Google’s Admob mobile advertising service. Similar to AdMob , iAd facilitates integrating advertisements into applications sold on the iOS.

Apple releases new iAd Formats, Launches new network in two countries

If a user tap on the iAd banner, a full-screen advertisement appears within the application, unlike other ads that send the user into the Safari web browser. Today Apple announces two changes on its iAd formats, it mean expanding the reach and available formats of the networks in an attempt to reel in advertiser.

First these changes are supported for brand new iAd Styles, including those pre-roll video we have all come to know and love on YouTube. Full-screen interstitial have also been added to the selection, with both new formats detailed in an updated implementation guide.

The Company also officially announced that it is starting today the iAs network is available countries like Russia and Switzerland, iAd creators can use the iAd Workbench to update their target audiences to cover these new demo graphics. Stay tune for more information and details.