Apple releases iOS 8.0.1 update due to issue with dropped calls


Apple released iOS 8.0.1, this update is due to complaints about dropped calls. The latest update to iOS 8 caused some iOS users to lose their cellular service and disable the Touch ID finger print sensor on certain devices.

[quote]Apple Spokeswoman Trady Muller said ” we are actively investigating those reports and we will provide the information as quick as possible, Mean while we have released iOS 8.0.1 update”[/quote]

Since the release of iOS 8 the it was troubling with issues, this latest iOS 8 also requires 5.8 GB of free space for installation which is not ideal for the people with the devices that have smaller storage sizes. Mobile application performance Management (APM) company critterism  has published a report claiming that iOS has a crash rate of 78 percent higher than what seen in iOS 7.

This is the first air update for the Apple iOS 8, where all the devices like iPhone and iPad can be downloaded directly on your device over the air or through iTunes. In this update iOS 8.0.1 we can see the improvements and enhancements for the iOS 8. Mainly this updates contains the number of fixes for bugs found in the initial stages of the iOS 8.

  • Fixes of bugs are made to Healthkit. Photo library, data usage for SMS /MMS and messages.
  • Issues with third party keyboards are addressed.
  • Issues while uploading the photo as well as videos to safari also solved.

Actually Last week Apple said they had find the bugs in the Health kit app and also said planing to solve this bugs through this update Apple has solved the basic issues in iOS 8. Soon we can see updates from Apple.