Apple reducing 10 percent discount on Beats Products


Beats officially became a part of Apple as the company received European and US approval for the deal to go ahead. In the time since the three billion dollars was first announced and now Apple has reportedly begun downsizing the beats team, Launched a dedicated beats section on the Apple online store and has added Beats Music to a list of Apple Apps in the App Store. Now store has always had Beats products but Apple has direct control over the pricing since the acquisition of Beats.



This ten percent discount is available on the company’s line of headphones, earphones and speakers. The discount is not permanent and will be available only till August 23.

I am telling you one thing straight, though. These are still rubbish products and even with the ten percent discount you are overpaying for them. You can better spend that money by purchasing headphones from a more credible brand or by just burning it and getting some heat out of it.