Apple Planning to launch its own TV Streaming Service

By | July 15, 2015


Apple is planning to launch its own cable streaming channel, which will be cable-killer TV app. According to report of the New York post, the company is in talks with some major broadcaster of the country. The four major broadcasters are ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in the United States. Tim Cook and the Apple Inc. are in advance talk with these TV broadcaster networks. The main problems for the deal until now have been the shattered nature of local affiliate feeds, but now the broadcaster networks are ready to negotiate with Apple on behalf of their affiliates.

After launch of Music service on the subscription basics, this idea of subscription based TV channel fells good and fitting. As normal, Apple will be stick to its philosophy of 30 percent share of subscription revenue of the apps, which may become a significant hurdle while closing the deal. Though the post reports doesn’t suggest that all the content provider will have to agree with such revenue splits.

CBS or Disney is going to be first broadcaster network, who will sign the deal. Apple Inc. is also planning to offer cable channels like ESPN as part of the packages. Speculation about its monthly rental price is that it will cost in between $10 to $40. This Apple’s new venture will have to go through some stiff competition, because this market field is already very crowded and competitive.