Apple patents iPhone drop protection mechanism

By | December 4, 2014


Apple has just been granted the new patent by USPTO, for its iPhone drop protection mechanism which allows an iPhone to automatically re-orient itself when it is falling freely by changing the angle of its inevitable impact with the ground after first knowing itself how best to shift to make the damage as little as possible. The patent abstract describes how the device changes its angle when falling from certain height and also calculating how best to shift itself to make sure the damage is little.

Patent filing also included detailed explanations of more other advanced and absurd cases which includes ejection devices for cables and retractable air foils to control the angle of descent. It works with the already existing concept, which uses iPhone’s in-built vibrator motor to alter its free angle.

Using the vibrator motors is just a part of the story, however it will make use of the device’s other sensors which includes GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope as well as not yet introduced, including an ultrasonic emitter used to determine the device’s trajectory spin and angle of the descent in the real time in order to inform the vibration motor how to spin correctly to shift the phone’s center of gravity.

This proposed solution help to reduce the damage upon falling an iPhone is a novel and seemingly over-engineered method do so. In some ways, it is quite literally rocket science and looks like huge allocation of resources to put into making device slightly less destructive.

However, it’s display which ends up the breaking in an impact and unless those get stronger, the iPhone’s mid flight reorientation. Making the meaningful tramps in how effective smartphones are at talking fall would be the key way to innovate ahead of competition.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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