Apple parent Details Siri for Mac acts as Virtual third hand

By | August 8, 2014

Apple’s Siri has been an iOS staple since 2011, the tech has yet to make the jump to OS X. An exhaustive new patent filing, however, details a very similar desktop version of the virtual assistant that can perform dictation, high-level system commands and even act as a “third hand” for Mac users.

Now, this patent articulates in great detail how Siri for Mac might work, which could mean it is becoming a reality. This post explains how this siri app could reside in the dock or in the background, and be activated either by gesture or by Voice activation.

Hey Siri is the voice prompt that Apple has introduced with iOS 8, which will allow phones running that OS to respond to the command when connected to power. Siri would be able to field questions and respond to commands in the same way it can on iOS, but because the desktop is a different beast with more computing power and different interaction standards, it can also do a lot of other things per the patent.

For betting understanding let us a take an example, this siri can be used for the cursor position to inform how it handles the commands given by the user. so it will apply a copy command to the photo mouse is hovering over for instance. It also do sorting the files and arranging in to folders in finder, drag and drop files from one to another application and so on.

On one part of the parent describes how this siri works on the desktop can be used as third input device in addition with keyboard and mouse. This allows the user to interact with background process and also works on the other applications in the front end process. The parent will explains why apple takes so much time to deliver the siri for Mac. The system briefly explains a it is significant to departure from siri on mobile, and would require a lot of additional engineering to make it reality.

There is no Siri present in the OS X Yosemite beta preview, so it’s likely not coming this year, but this patent indicates that it’s something Apple has spent considerable time and resources developing, so hopefully we’ll see it arrive sooner rather than later. Stay tune for more information about this Siri for Mac.


Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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