Apple OS X beta available for all users


In a surprising move, Apple has opened OS X betas to all users. The newly aired Apple OS X Beta Seed Program offers general public pre-release access to OS X builds, a feature that was earlier available only to registered Mac developers.

To become a registered Mac developer you need to invest $99 for every year which comes with different resources, pre-release access to OS X update was may be the greatest feature, permitting developers to test their tools and apps with approaching OS X release before everybody gets their involved this latest OS. The thought is to let engineers recognize (and fix) any conceivable incompatibilities that their app may have with the new OS, long before the general public introduces the OS on release day and find that their most loved applications are no longer working.


While engineers profit from getting early access to updates, Apple gets to test the OS by sending it to developers outside the organization and accepting feedback on features that may be “broken” in the OS.

By opening the features to anybody, Apple is trusting that a bigger number of individuals will take an interest in the system and give early feedback on OS X, which will allow Cupertino to fix bugs before the OS is release to the public to use.

Anybody can join the OS X Beta Seed Program by enrolling on Apple’s site. You simply require an Apple ID and agree to Apple’s Beta Seed and Confidentiality Agreement. Once enrolled, you will get access to pre-release versions of OS X in the Mac App Store Updates board.

I firmly suggest you don’t install OS X beta update on your existing Mac as beta programming could be buggy and can prompt loss of data. Still if you want to install this update, first create a complete backup of all your personal data and files before going to process further.