Apple Music to give option to select music quality in iOS9



When Apple launched the Apple Music, it didn’t give option to select the music quality, which was strange and odd decision made by the company. Eddie Cue has tweeted that quality of the music varies based upon the network you are using, meaning if you are streaming on Wi-Fi or your mobile network. If you are on a decent Wi-Fi network, the music will stream at the maximum bitrates of 256 kbps, but if you are streaming the music on your mobile network it will stream it on even lower quality and even you won’t have option to adjust it manually.

According to Apple Insider reports, the problem described above will change once iOS 9 is released. In the third developer beta of the new software released today, Apple has added a toggle to the Music settings. By using this you can listen music at the high quality on mobile network irrespective of signal strength. Apple gives a warning right beneath stating it will consume more data and will take more time to load the song. Nothing is said about pauses and buffering, which means that Apple Music will cache enough of the song to play it without any random interruption.
Apple has confirmed that they will be release a public beta version of iOS 9 in July, which will give user an option to turn on this feature during initial trail period of Apple Music. If Apple listens to so many complaints from the developer testing, then there are strong chances that this “high quality settings option” will vanish before it even happens. Users won’t mind a bit delay if it means they can listen the quality music.