Apple Maps suggests Apple Pay entry in Australia



Apple Pay has not arrived in Australia till now, but some Apple Maps users think that Apple Pay may roll out in the country. AppleTalk Australia, a discussion forum has first spotted that the Apple Pay badge icon have been added to Apple Maps for certain stores in Australia.

Apple Maps showed the Apple Pay badge icon for certain Coles and Woolworths supermarket across Australia. This is the same icon that indicates stores where you can pay for your purchase by using your iPhones and Apple Watch in the places, where Apple Pay has been officially launched.

Interesting thing is that only certain Coles and Woolworths supermarket stores showed this icon. The appearance of these Apple Pay badges may be due to some technical problems or it may be a sign of Apple Pay launch in the Australian market.

The Apple Maps of all Coles and Woolworths stores are not listing the Apple Pay badge icons, only certain stores are listing out. Other major stores are also not listing out Apple Pay badge icon on Apple Maps, so we can’t really tell what exactly is the reason, but in any case we can wait and watch what this means.