Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Sony Xperia Z3 : Detailed Comparison



Apple after teasing many times has finally unveiled the updgraded iPhone with mind-blowing build design, outstanding performance, awesome camera and video features with two different display sizes, one is iPhone 6 with 4.5 inch display and another one is iPhone 6 Plus with bigger 5.5 inch display.

The 4.7 inch display variant fits absolutely fine according to the current demand of the market, however the bigger iPhone 6 Plus is also going to take on take on several devices like Note 4, Note 4 edge, LG G3 and more. This the first device from Apple that has crossed the 5 inch display mark.

Last week itself the IFA trade show in Berlin, the Xperia Z3 offers if not the stiffest then certainly the most recent competition to the iPhone 6. To help you decide which to buy, we take a look at how they compare in terms of design, screen, hardware, camera, software, and price.

Design: Apple iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3


Apple once again has proved that going slimmer with display enhancement is the key to get attracted by the people, no matter has been packed inside on board. This time again Apple has gone for a slim-line design for its latest iPhone, measuring less than 7 mm in thickness, but at 7.4mm, the Xperia Z3 isn’t too chubby either.

If we talk about the Sony Xperia series, almost all the device comes with water and dust resistance feature but with latest Xperia Z3, Sony took it to another level with IP68. Some will see this as a significant selling point, but others may see this as just an over-hyped gimmick.

Also other than going for same sharp edges, Apple made the iPhone 6 round from the corners all the way while Xperia Z3 still equips the same ultra fine edges that adds extra beauty, undoubtedly.

Display: Apple iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3 with PS console

Apple during the launch, has highlited the display of its latest iPhone the most as for the first time they have crossed the 5 inch mark with 1080p display resoltuion along with retina display but the pixel density(401ppi) is quite lower compared to Xperia z3(424ppi).

Also in the leaked images or rumors, we were expecting to pack sapphire protection but there is nothing has been included with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

I don’t think that Apple will beat Sony in this category, as Xperia Z3 features same HD display with the best of Bravia engine.

Hardware: iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3

In terms of hardware, both the devices packs latest hardware. As Apple claimed at the event that the next iPhone which will be soon in the stores uses the powerful A8 chip which will also be more energy efficient. We are expecting to have at least 2GB of RAM, however, Apple didn’t officially reveal anything on this, so better not to argue on this more.

Sony on the other hand packs a powerful 3GB of RAM on top of the latest Snapdragon 801 processor on-board. This is impressive; so impressive it can actually play PlayStation 4 games without any problems, which this only you can compare the performance of both the device, still we need to see how much these device put impact on users after landing to the market.

Both devices feature NFC allowing for mobile payment.

apple iPhone 6

Camera: Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Both devices are the strong rivals of each other in this fall, but as Apple revealed the captured images of iPhone 6, its very difficult to compare, however, the iPhone 6 Plus has got only 8 MP main shooter but is enough to compete with any Android smartphone packs 13-16 MP shooter.

While Xperia Z3 packs 21.1 MP awesome 20.7 MP, 5248 х 3936 pixels, autofocus, LED flash shooter with many SLR features to capture great moments on the go.

But here I would like to salute Apple for pack small but powerful packet with its camera, that allows you to record slow-motion video clip up to 240fps while Xperia Z3 or any other smartphone under the category offers maximum of 60fps.

Software: Sony Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6

Software is also an added feature with the latest iPhone to cheer about, as for the time any iDevice is running the iOS 8 launched at WWDC 2014. It also comes with many health oriented features like Healthkit and also packs HomeKit, improved maps, interactive notifications, widgets, family sharing and third party keyboard support.

While Xperia is running the upmost KitKat 4.4.3 out-of-the-box with customized UI, latest also they promised to offer all the updates guaranteed. Having an Android smartphone has many benefits, as anytime you can chage the boring or outdated UI to a new one while with Apple iOS, its difficult to get rid of the same iOS 8 UI. Only Cydia is the way to do so, anyways I am not going to suggest anything about these tweaks, You must be happy with the latets iOS 8 UI and features for sure.

Pricing and BottomLine

Apple always grab the top positing in terms of pricing, the iPhone 6 and the bigger iPhone 6 Plus comes with wide range of price tags, tough they haven’t revealed the price without any contract, but people who are interested to get that can grab at just $199 in US with two years of contract.

While Sony is yet to announce the pricing of Xperia Z3 and is expected to first land in UK rather than hitting US market.

As we have compared every counter part of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with the very powerful Xperia Z3, according to us, Xperia Z3.