Apple iPad Pro leaked specifications and images


There has been a lot of buzz around Apple iPad Pro in recent days. After the awesome response Apple Inc got for Apple iPad Mini, the expectations have grown a lot more for Apple iPad Pro.

There is not enough information on the internet about Apple iPad pro, however, I decided to cover the latest leak which came out a day back. Let’s have a detailed look on the leaked specifications.

Build and Design

Believe me, this was something which made me just amazed. In the infographics which I have attached in this post, have a look at the build of iPad Pro. The fine metal used with the design makes it fabulous to choose and attractive to look.

The coating which comes on the backside of the iPad makes it pretty resistant to the mechanical threats and it also increases the comfort level of the iPad which you are using this. The size might be a little more, but the comfort zone will never let you point out the big size of the tablet.

Design wise, the tablet might seem similar as compared to the earlier iPads, but the build is surely going to excite you.


The display is always the best thing in a tablet. Apple iPad Pro is expected to have a screen size of around 12.5 inches which is pretty more as compared to iPad Air and the traditional iPad which are already there in the market

According to the sources, iPad pro will be available with and without retina display. Which means that there will again be 2 varieties available for the customers to choose. The screen resolution is 4096 x 3072 pixels which is more than enough to give a breathtaking screen performance. The display is going to be a HD display.


The camera is yet again something to cheer about. iPad Pro comes with an 8 MegaPixel camera which comes placed inside the Apple Logo.

The light adjustment and other properties of the camera will make sure to provide better pictures even in less lights. While taking a picture, the chances of covering the camera accidentally will become almost negligible because the camera will not be placed right in the middle of back panel.

Another interesting thing about the camera in Apple iPad Pro is FaceTime Full HD camera at the front, and let me tell you, you do not have 1 but 3 cameras in the front.

Yes, you read it right. iPad pro will have 3 front camera to make video calling more realistic. When a video call is in progress, all the camera will record the picture, combine them and send the best output possible which makes it unimaginable to make video calls using the new iPad Pro


Apple has always been known for the performance and iPad Pro is no less. The leaked specifications show that Apple iPad Pro will feature 2 64 bt cortex A7 processor. If this is going to be the case, then Apple iPad Pro will surely be the best performing tablet around the market. Check below for an infographic which got leaked a few days back to get more idea about the awesome concept of Apple iPad Pro.



The leaked images of Apple ipad pro have been circulating around the internet for a while now, However, we need to wait till the official launch to see how much reality will be there in the actual iPad pro when it comes to the market.

Let’s know what more you expect or you want to see in the latest iPad pro.