Apple iOS 8 Announced, Checkout the Best Notable Features


On 2nd June at the WWDC, the tech giant Apple has launched its latest iOS 8 and OS X for its consumers. The latest operating systems for Smartphones and PC’s or MacBook brings some notable features and new user interface which offered a whole new experience to the Apple User.

The latest update has also brought the new Keyboard which makes typing easier by suggesting appropriate words to complete your sentences. It also recognizes to whom you are typing and whether the user writing the Mail or Messages. Because the user tone in an email may be different from his tone in a message.


Highlights of the latest Apple iOS 8

1.Healthkit is one of the newest and best features of this latest is 8, which is very helpful for the people, to collect all the information from different fitness and health apps and devices.

healtkit ios

2. “Snappy Way to chat” – Messages are getting the most superior update, by which the Apple iOS 8 users can now include and relinquish the  contacts in group messaging, leave a discussion, and  also set up a don’t irritate mode or simple we called as mute mode.  The Clients can besides go to a connection perspective via photographs and videos at the time of discussion, and the user is able to send wreck towards oneself voice and video messages, according to his choice.


3. “Interactive notifications and widgets “- Because of the extensive program of borrowing ideas, the latest Apple iOS 8 has picked up on  responsive notifications of the BlackBerry 10’s.  This notification feature can do – when any new message or mail comes the user iPhone, they can swipe down on the notification and reply the mail or message without leaving the current app on which they do his job. This is not a huge change – but any BlackBerry 10 user would make it sending short responses, more convenient than as compared to the other Mobile Phone user. Now this feature is available in the Apple iOS 8

In the case of widgets, the tech giant Apple still hasn’t made room in his home-screens for widgets, but this time the user will get the notification centre.  But there is a only catch is that the notification centre of this latest version  has been getting pretty crowded, and  it would look like if Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans get to post notifications.

4. “More Choices, more Communication “- This change is most interesting in the latest iOS, which has increased the support for third parties, even the first party app options become more robust. For the example, TouchID is now available for all apps to use, which could be very useful in the terms of financial apps, which can offer an extra layer of security, and  the Apple has also opened the extensions on Safari, which has been lacking for a while.

5. “Stay in Sync”– Another feature is that- The Apple has said that the new continuity features in Yosemite make Mac and iOS device perfect companions. When a user’s iOS device (iPhone or iPad) is near to their Mac,  the Handoff will allow the user to start an activity on one device and pass it to the other.  It also provides the Instant Hotspot quickens the process of using the iPhone’s hotspot.

ios and mac sync

The SMS and MMS messages which previously only show up on the user’s iPhone now it will appear in Messages on all devices. The Users can also send SMS or MMS messages directly from their Mac and make or take the iPhone calls using their Mac as a speakerphone.

6.”Updated Siri”-The latest  iOS variant brings a fresh and updated Siri, Because Google Now and Siri get compared. The Apple has announced a few new features for Siri, including an always-on, the voice activated mode, for that you  has to use it by saying, “Hey Siri”. And the Siri now includes more language support and Shazam song recognition, and now  you can use it to buy iTunes content also.

7. “Goodbye Google”-  The Google has  continued to be the default search engine for most of us, but this time the Apple has made Bing as an alternative.  The Microsoft Bing has  now a power the search function in Spotlight, on both OS X and iOS 8. At the earlier time the Bing had also replaced Google as the search provider for Siri.

8. “Family Sharing”-In family sharing feature, the user can set up up to six devices, to share things such as photos, reminders, calendar, and also even his books, shows and music.  And all the devices can be billed to the same registered credit card, and if the user wants to flagged users as kids, they can’t buy anything without the person or their parents’ permission, whose card is registered, getting a notification.

family sharing of ios 8

9. “HomeKit “-Apple also revealed the “Homekit“, which provides the groundwork for the connected home. The Internet of Things has been available in a long time now, this time Apple is providing specific to his user by offering more consumer brands putting out products in the market, we might actually see this develop in front of us now. The Homekit will allow the mobile user to work with things such as locks, cameras, doors, thermostats, lights, plugs and switches, and the user will also control the individual devices or scenes – groups of devices.


10. “Taking over the cloud”- Apple is already provides iCloud feature to its user to save the data. Now the Apple’s has a first party cloud storage system which will be more useful with the support of the  most third party apps, but Dropbox is so widespread these days that most apps mention Dropbox sync as a feature on their app store listings.

But Still, for those people who don’t use too many third party apps on their device, the  iCloud Drive will be very useful for them. This  service will come with 5GB of free  cloud storage, and for extra need the consumer has to pay $0.99 per month for 20GB, and $3.99 for 200GB, which is pretty cheap and affordable for all.

The latest iOS is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone5c, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display and iPad with Retina Display