Apple devices iPhone, iPad got iOS 8 beta 5 update to developers


As per expectation Apple device like iPhone, iPad, and iPhone touch to developers this morning, This version beta 5 also includes the various performance and also bug fixes. When compare to previous beta version this new beta version has enhanced features. The previous beta version brought various minor user interface touch up and new tips app to the iOS 8. Let us what’s new in this beta version of iOS8.

iOS 8_beta_5

New Features in this beta version

  • As per iOS 8 Beta 5 released notes, Spirometry data types are now available in HealthKit.
  • iCloud has new set of icons in the setting apps.
  • Even iPhone will now prompt you to allow other devices to access SMS messages.
  • Health application updated with new icons for Body data and Data Exporting.
  • iCloud options has new photo storage.
  • Now there is an option on the keyboard to toggle on predictive text
  • Swipe down access spot light is much quicker.
  • New health panel in privacy settings.
  • New WiFi calling indicator for T-mobile WiFi calling.
  • In messages applications you can see tweaked predictive text toggle.
  • There is also new Apple beta seed.
  • Display and Brightness section of the settings application.

Some of the additional features for this iOS 8 beta will be added after we discovered and some we taken form the users feed back, Apple is ready to continue pushing regular updates to iOS 8 at an interval of two to three weeks to bring the minor performance boosts and changes ahead of Operating system launch’s. Stay tune for more information regarding this iOS 8 weekly updates.