Apple car to come with $55,000 price tag



If you are thinking of buying the Apple electric car, you should start saving money folks, because this car from Cupertino is not coming cheap like all other Apple products. According to the tech analysts of Jefferies & Co, Apple car will come with pretty expensive price tag.

According to alphr, the analysts, who are looking into the Apple’s automotive ambition predicts that the electric car will come with an average retail price of $55,000. Though this price is not as high as Tesla Model S, but it looks like this one of the most anticipated product from Apple will enter into a different market once it releases in 2019.

The analysts from Jefferies & Co’s have predicted that the electric vehicles will get wider acceptance in four year time span. They have predicted that Apple will sell almost 200,000 units as compared to 55,000 cars, which Tesla is expected to sell in 2015. They believe that Apple car will be way more successful than the Tesla’s electric cars. Apple’s brand value will also assists the company in electric car market.

The analysts also believe that Apple cars will also come with different price options similar to Apple watch. Apple is known for entering in any market and making its product mainstream. Lately, it did when it enters tablet market with its iPad. So we would expect that Apple makes a grand entry to the electric car market once it launches its vehicle in 2019.