Apple buys LuxVue : Makers of Low Power Micro-LED Displays


The tech giant Apple is buying a company called LuxVue Technology which has mainly developed the micro-LED display, which could be found in a variety of future consumer electronics. The Apple is always famous for its innovation, this deal will be very useful for its upcoming devices and future releases.

Apple buys LuxVue, creators of low-power, micro-LED displays

The LuxVue has created a display technology, which takes significantly less power as compared to current OLED technology while they providing an even brighter screen. The Micro-LED tech has integrated into popular Apple’s devices, which could improve the battery life of hardware like the iPhone and other Apple devices.


This deal could indicate that Apple is becoming more open to the wearables market. This type of technology would be perfect for small devices such as -an Apple “iWatch” Smartwatch device or specially for the tiny display readout on a music device like the  Apple Shuffle. Transitioning to this type of display technology in the future would also mean that the tech giant Apple would be less dependent on rivals, which has  built the displays currently used in Apple products.

On Commenting on the news, an Apple spokesperson said “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”