Apple brings Cutting-edge technology that let you sense digital surfaces


Apple proposed patents for its new innovative technology simply known as ‘smart pen technology’ that delivers a lot more astounding features to the Mac & iOS future products.

The smart pen technology is designed by insulating a camera-equipped stylus that enables to scan the corporeal feel of objects and memorises the trace within them.

Once the tracing of the bodily texture is catalogued; the linked device will give the precise outline on the screen as a picture, which will be beneficial for the users to study wampum’s.

In the patents, a cordless telephone device is also cited; the facts are minutiae but have the aptitude to amplify the smart stylus that gives users a copious tangible response of the scanned texture.


It’s amazing to see such technology being invented for the sake of developing students in much smarter and technical way, where they can grab so much knowledge and interesting facts and information by stepping outside from the mainstream education.

Apparently, students can use this technology to various fields and geographical areas and can also be a part of virtual field trips. It’s highly possible for this smart tech can be utilize as an accessibility tool.

The smart stylus pen can be of great use only with a larger screen; this is something that is triggering me to write about the next innovation by apple pointing towards the oft-rumoured iPad Pro.

Let’s keep enjoying the latest techs and updates innovated by apple.