Apple to bring Apple Pay to the Chinese market

By | September 23, 2015


Apple Inc. is planning to launch its mobile payment system “Apple Pay” in Chinese market. The company has given top priority to Apple Pay since its launch. The IT giant has been doing multiple things to spread the platform for its mobile payment service.

It looks like the company’s effort has paid off and now the Apple Pay has become pretty popular in US as well as other countries. So now it looks like the tech giant is planning to launch the service in china. According to the report of Wenhui News, Apple has registered the payment business in the Shanghai’s Free trade Zone in June. There is no clear news about what this business stand for, but According to Wall Street Journal, this new business of Apple is mainly to bring Apple Pay into China market.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has said that the company is trying to bring Apple Pay in china as soon as possible. There is still no clear news about the launch date of the Apple Pay in Chinese market. There is still some works to do, before the mobile payment system makes it way to Chinese market. The company has to collaborate with different banks and stores for the service, but if all goes well it won’t be much long to use Apple Pay mobile payment system for purchasing goods in China.

Still there is no official announcement from the company; we all can hope that we’ll get the official announcement about the project pretty soon.