Apple announces to replace on/off buttons in faulty iPhone 5 units

By | April 26, 2014

There is a good news for the iPhone 5 users who are suffering from the faulty on/off buttons. Apple Inc has announced an offer to replace the on/off buttons in faulty iPhone 5 phones.

Apple has mentioned the company’s user support page that ” iPhone 5 devices manufactured in March 2013 facing this problem, in which the sleep/wake mechanism button stops functioning intermittently”. However Apple didn’t said how many devices were facing this issue.

iPhone 5 owners, all they need to do is go to the Apple support website and type their phone serial number and check for whether the phone is eligible or not. If your phone is eligible for the sleep/wake button then the company will replace for free of cost.

Apple spokesperson Teresa Brewer had said in a statement that, “The company will offer the service for free of cost to the iPhone 5 devices that are facing this on/off button issue with a qualifying serial number”.


The hardware problems faced by Apple iPhones are very rare and this is very rare replacement initiative form Apple. Apple prides itself for its hardware engineering and design, particularly for iPhones which yields more than half of its revenue.

In the year 2010, in response widespread complaints about faulty antennas in iPhone 4, Apple gave free cases to the owners to alleviate the problem. This incident famous asĀ Antennagate. In 2013 October Apple recalled the flash memory devices on the particular models of MacBook Air.

For the US customers the replacement starts today. For the customers in other countries the problem will be solved by May 2. The iPhone 5 users facing this problems can their phone to the near by official Apple stores or just drop a mail in.



Author: Peter Jacksonn

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