Apple advertising Beats music for new iOS users


Previously Apple use to advertises its own suite for free apps, when iOS users first opens the App store includes ilife as well as iWork apps for a while. Now Beats music and Beats Electronics are Officially part of the family, The main reason behind Apple advertising beats music for new iOS users is Beats Music app is now appearing on its Apples apps list as well.  Beats Music is currently the last entry in the list, described as a way to listen to music that’s always right for you.

If you Tap Download all it will install beats music along side Apple’s other application Naturally, one way best way for apple to significantly increase adoption of service is to advertise it to every new iOS user.The view will show up for new iOS devices or by performing a clean restore to a version of iOS 7, on both iPhone and iPad.

What’s makes us attractive about this list is that, before the addition of Beats, every app advertised was effectively free, if you ignore Garbageman In-App Purchase. Beats Music, of course, requires a monthly subscription to use, so this is a substantial marketing shift.

The change could indicate that Apple is planning a bigger marketing push for Beats in the run up to the holidays, to complement its new hardware. But currently beats Music show up for new iOS 8 installations in this view, what ever may we can expect the change by the time of iOS 8 Released.