Apple to add gaming feature to its next Gen Apple Tv

By | September 7, 2015



Apple may announce its new Apple TV on Wednesday in San Francisco, which is expected to have gaming features. According to The New York Times, Apple is planning to use gaming options as one of the primary selling point for next generation of Apple TV.

According to the reports of NYT, this new updated Apple TV would cost you $150, which is more than double of the current version of Apple TV that costs $69. But this price is a good deal when compared with some hardcore gaming products like Xbox One and PlayStations 4.

We can’t be sure of how good and bad the gaming feature of the new Apple TV is going to be until the company revel the product. This device is expected to come with more power, better graphics, an App store for downloading and buying games and a new remote controller.

Most of the gaming analysts think that it is going to be hard for Apple to satisfy the need of hard-core gamers, who plays some heavy and powerful games like Call of Duty and Destiny, because Apple TV would not be able to compete with Xbox and PlayStation on the graphics and power.

So the next generation of Apple TV is certainly going to satisfy the need of casual gamers. If this new features of Apple TV become successful, Apple can become one of the major player in this field also.