Apple acquires Virtual Assistant start-up Vocal IQ



Apple’s Siri is one of the best voice Virtual assistant technologies, but it looks like the tech giant is planning to make it better. Apple has acquired the UK based start-up named Vocal IQ. The specialization of this startup is in Virtual assistant and speech technology and create virtual assistant by using machine learning technology.

According to the report of Financial Times, Apple has confirmed this deal in a statement, the company also said, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

Still we don’t have many details about this new deal of Apple, but as Vocal IQ is mainly known for its Virtual assistant and speech technology, it is clear that Apple is planning to improve Siri. Everyone can think that Tim Cook and his team are going to improve Siri, due to its latest acquisition. Apple can also use the new technology to developed better Artificial Intelligence, which can be used in the automotive plan of Apple.

Apple is also working on the self driving Apple Car, so this tech can be useful in this project. Currently we don’t have much details about the deals, only time will tell that how this new technology is used by Apple.