Apple acquires Perceptio, an AI startup for amount undisclosed


Apple Inc acquired Perceptio, a startup dealing with artificial intelligence for amount unknown.


Founded by Zac Stone and Nicholas Pinto, the startup Perceptio focuses on developing technology that enables companies to run artificial intelligence systems on smartphones, but without the need for sharing much user data in the cloud. The ultimate aim of the startup was to build a means to run AI image-classification systems on smartphones without have to “draw from large external repositories of data.”

Apple has always been a big proponent of protection user data and they abide by the philosophy the lesser data they collect, the more successful they can be. Perceptio’s goals goes well with Apple’s strategy to work on minimizing its usage of customer data and do as much as processing as possible on the device.

Also, Apple’s Siri personal assistant has lagged behind competing services like Google Now and Microsoft Cortana due to Apple’s strict privacy policies and its reluctance to collect and use the user data. It is assumed the acquisition of Perceptio will enable Apple to improve Siri without compromising on its dedication to user privacy.

Apple confirmed the acquisition but did not share any details on it. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said Colin Johnson, a company spokesman.

In last few weeks, Perceptio is the second Siri-related acquisition made by Apple. Very  recently, Apple has acquired VocalIQ, a UK-based startup which develops a natural language API to allow computers and people to have a more natural dialogue.