The Up app of Jawbone now to sync fitness data of Runtastic

By | September 26, 2015


Jawbone and Runtastic has teamed up to make fitness tracker device more useful. If you are a fan of Jawbone fitness tracker device, but you use Runtastic fitness device to track your jogging session, there is a good news for you folks. Now, you can keep the workout data gathered by Runtastic fitness tracker device at one place.

You can sync the fitness data gathered by your Runtastic while doing workout to Jawbone’s Up fitness app and you can store your fitness information about goals, nutrition, sleep and some more fitness activity. Now it is not compulsory that you should have a Jawbone fitness tracker device to use its Up fitness app to track your daily fitness activity. Now there are some app and gadgets, which will work perfectly fine with Jawbone and Runtastic fitness tracking device.

The Vice President of product management and strategy at Jawbone, Travis Bogard said, “By integrating with the Runtastic app – one of the most popular apps of its kind – we’re giving the UP community another great way to personalise their activity-tracking experience, The Runtastic community can now easily share their activity and progress in the UP app, which will then give further personalised insights and guidance – such as staying hydrated post-workout, or matching last week’s achievements.”

The Runtastic customer will need Runtastic 6.3 to sync the data with Jawbone’s Up app. Once you connect with the Up app, it will automatically sync the data.