App fresh, Mac update desktop are best tools to update Mac


If suppose you wants to make your Mac update regularly up to date then you can use App Fresh, Mac update desktop, Software update are the best tools to update Mac. In this article let us discuss about this tools briefly.

Actually Modern Mac apps supports some form of integrated update, There are depend on a Cocoa frameworks called Sparkle in order to manage updates. If you are not getting notifications for updates in your Mac and offers like Skip this version, Install update. You have seen sparkle at work. The problem behind this is you need to run the app and you have to check for update before it actually work. Using this is the best way to find out the updates before using any applications. For that you need to use

APP Fresh

By using this tool we can keep apps, widgets, preference panes and application plug ins all up to date, It mainly works with apple updates, support sparkle, an RSS based application system and Microsoft Auto update and more.


Some of the features of this App Fresh includes

  • It is possible to connect the web site, which is able to keep separate profile to keep the list of software you use.
  • By using this web service you can share the information of your profile to friends.

If you are interested to purchase this tool it may cost around $15, A trail version of this tool is available Click Here to download this APP Fresh demo.

Mac Update Desktop


This Mac update Desktop is a best alternative to the MAS  and it is the only complete platform to search over 40,000 hand selected apps compared to MAS’s 15,000. The function of this tool is to scan you Mac and finds the software which is to be updated Recently this tool got up date with major changes which works better when compare to previous one and now stays in your menu bar and let you know software is updated.

Previous it was pay and use, now this become free Click here to download this Mac update Desktop


By using this tools you can Keep your Mac update regularly with latest Operating system, Applications software. I can say this is the good way to update you System up to date. App Fresh will be pay and use tool where Mac update desktop is Free.