Over app for Android lets you easily add artwork to your photos

By | August 6, 2014

Over is the most popular image annotation and editing app for iOS and is now available for Android. Over app for Android contains several exclusive features which are being made available to the users of the platform and includes the ability to save the full resolution photos, enhanced store front and rotate text. You can make assumption that “image editing” may counted as a thing, but in this case you need to think more specific. Over specializes in allowing the users to place text or basic artwork on the top of their photos.

User can rotate, fade, enlarge, colorize and also can add the text to the images as they wish. The app features may art packs and fonts to choose from and more art works are available for sale as in-app purchases.



  • Exclusive Fonts and Artwork : It features the unique and beautiful fonts and the original eye-catching artwork from the variety of the artists to add to your pictures.
  • Editing : Using Over app you can rotate, fade, nudge, resize and add your artwork and text, crop your photos, stretch your text and more.
  • Sharing : After making changes to your images then you can share it directly through email, Twitter, Facebook, text message, Instagram and more.
  • Create Something Awesome : Over helps you to discover the artwork perfect for the outdoor adventures and add the handcrafted icons for any kind of occasion and design the images with geometric fonts awesomeness and you can say “Happy Birthday” in style.

Aaron Marshall, CEO, “Over is distinguishing itself from other images annotation apps by building the strong relationship with the customers and establishing the unique brand identity. With Over you can think like a publisher with your photos telling something instead of just being something to share.

Over costs $1.99, but for limited time it is available for $0.99.

 Download Over from Play Store 


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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