[apk] Download Guardians of the Galaxy LWP app for Android



Guardians of the Galaxy LWP is an Android app that will transform the UI of your smartphone completely. If you love to customize your device every now and then and looking give extremely new look to your device can download the live wallpapers of the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy movie, wallpapers, icon packs and more.

Here I have posted the apk download link to get the Guardians of the Galaxy LWP free and install it on your device. Guardians of the Galaxy LWP even works as a launcher but for that you have to spend few bucks to get the pro version of  this app. Once after getting the pro version you will be able to get notified for email, missed call and text alerts in the form of an over-lay covering your home screen.

If you have never heard of this movie, I would suggest you to first head over to YouTube and watch the trailer or watch the movie if possible before getting this app. I am sure you will sure try to get the pro version.

Also if you are not even interested spending time on it, walk through the Google Play Store to read the brief idea of the movie and the features they have included with this game. Also they have mentioned what you can get with the free version and what more with the paid one.

Play Store Link

Download Guardians of the Galaxy LWP app [apk file]