[apk] Download Flappy Bird Family game for Android

By | August 4, 2014


Here we go again Flappy Birds addiction is back and this time with Multiplayer edition, as we all know that Flappy Birds was a colossal hit yet the designer uprooted the application from both iOS and Android App Stores. But we were there for you for accommodating aides on Flappy Birds for PC, Flappy Birds apk , Flappy Birds for iPhone. Well it was past and now its Flappy Birds Family has came to the role, a terrible news is that instead or launching the game for Android/iOS App store, developer has listed this to Amazon Play Store . This is the reason i considered let me let you know how to download Flappy Birds Family for Android.

Now before going further you have to know one thing this time developer added a new restriction on the game, you cannot play this game on Android nor iPhone. Flappy Birds Family is available for only Amazon Fire Phone, or the Kindle Fire tablet family. Here is the tutorial that will allow you to Download Flappy Bird Family game for Android.


How to download Flappy Bird Family game for Android

  1. To follow the procedure mentioned below, you must have an Amazon Fire Phone or kindle tab.
  2. Now Goto Amazon App Store and search for ” Flappy Birds Family “. You can also access Amazon App store on other Android but the game is not avaialble.
  3. After getting the right app at tap that shows free then tap on install.
  4. Now wait for installation to be completed.
  5. Once after completion, goto Amazon App Store and install File Explorer.
  6. Now, download Apk Extractor on your Amazon device.
  7. With the help of Apk Extractor you can easily get the ” Flappy Birds Family “.
  8. Then send the apk file on your Android device and install the Flappy Birds Family new version on your Android device.
  9. Right now i don’t have the apk to download directly but as soon as i got it, i’ll add the link here.

(Download: Flappy Birds Family from the Amazon Appstore)

  • Tan Nguyen

    Could you please to share apk file ? . I don’t have Amazon Fire Phone . I really want to play with this

    • Galvin Carter

      We people are also looking to get the apk, I hope you will get soon.

  • Shane Sim

    I got it working on my xiaomi phone.

    My high score is 784. Full gameplay here: