[apk] Best iOS 7 launcher with Retina feature for Android



I keep telling to all Android users to utilize their smartphone to the peak, there are many ways to do so, sometimes you need to root the device and sometimes you need to spent sometimes searching something worth for your device. Here also I have tried to help you to get rid of it, I know it is not a very new thing for your device but I believe this could transform your device into an iPhone 5 with retina display.

Here also there are two reasons to get this iOS 7 launcher, either you are a great fan of Apple and want to experience iOS or you have recently shifted from iPhone to Android but still you are missing that iOS 7 style, I really think you should try iOS 7 Launcher Retina iPhone 5 1.0.0 once, after getting this app launcher you will get the iOS 7 feel back and also you are using Android, trust me before writing this article I have installed on my Android and it is running very smoothly and also it doesn’t slowdown your system. I don’t know why this application is removed from Google Play but no need to worry you can download Free iOS 7 Launcher Retina iPhone 5 1.0.0 APK for Android.

iOS 7 launcher
Here are the main features that might excite you to get the launcher right on your device:

  • Fast, Quick and low memory.
  • Superb quality iOS 7 icons.
  • Prefect iOS7 style animations.
  • iOS 7 wallpaper to change.
  • Dynamic calendar icons.
  • App folder.
  • Support Nexus 5.

Download iOS7 launcher

How to install iOS 7 launcher on any Android smartphone:

  1. First download the iOS 7 Launcher  APK file on your phone.
  2. Go to downloads folder and tap on iOS 7 Launcher apk.
  3. Before installing the apk, check the unknown source from Settings.
  4. When you will tap on the apk file a new windows will open, follow the on screen instructions to begin the installation.
  5. It will take a few minutes for installation process to be completed.

Once after installing the launcher, do comment below how you are feeling after getting this on your phone.