Anyone can compose music with Casio’s new iPhone app!

By | January 31, 2015

Casio, a leading brand known for its musical keyboards, watches and calculators, has launched Chordana Composer, an app for iPhone on Friday. The app make use of the two-bar melody created by the user to compose a musical piece automatically.

Casio app

Chordana Composer app allows anyone to create their own piece of music even if they don’t know how to play a musical instrument or compose music. All that a user has to do is to record himself singing or even whistling to a tune for two musical bar and the app composes an entire piece based on the tune automatically. The music can not only be played back and enjoyed by the user but also can be shared with friends.

The app Chordana Composer is the first app to let users create a whole piece of original music from as little as a two-bar melody sung into the app. It also allows input one-bar melody via the app’s on-screen keyboard, says Junichi Minamitaka, the mastermind behind the app.

The mechanism behind the app is quite simple. The user simply record a tune in his iPhone  and then selects a genre from the list of available five different music genre and three different music setting by clicking the Compose button. It then takes a couple of seconds for the app to create the full song based on the melody. The created melody is completed with introductions, verses and bridges.  Chord changes appear above the notes on the staff as the song plays.

Casio music app

Though the songs do not sound like a piece of musical genius, it definitely excites any music lover with little or no experience in music. The app is capable of composing quite sophisticated jazz compositions with dominant, suspended, seventh and ninth chords as well as walking basslines, solos and drum files. The songs can be saved and shared and can also be linked to MIDI synthesizers in the app.

The settings in the app play a major role in deciding how the app-generated compositions would sound – from a bland karaoke backing track or a generic thumping techno tune. But Composer can prove to be a useful tool for songwriters struggling with a chord progression or an elusive bridge. It is interesting to hear how the app’s composition algorithms imitate structures used repeatedly in popular music and interpret the same melody in different genres.


Also, the app could be connected with the Casio’s electronic keyboards with light-up keys and the melodies in the pieces created by Chordana Composer will light up with music played.

To kick off the release of Chordana Composer, Casio is offering the app at 40% discount from the regular sale price for a limited time, from 30th January to 5th February.