Antuit funded by Goldman Sachs

By | January 22, 2015


Big Data Firm Antuit funded by Goldman Sachs for $56 million. The Singapore based company has started operations in Bangalore.

Antuit was founded in 2013 by Indian entrepreneur Arijit Sengupta and Neeraj Bhargava of Zodius. The company offers an analytics as a service model that integrates people, product and methodologies in core areas such as supply chain and operations, sales & marketing.

Antuit’s expertise in big data market is its ability to link large global players with inexpensive engineers and data analysis in Asia particularly in India. Arijit Sengupta is an ex alumni of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has rich managerial experience had stint with companies like Accenture, Daksh eServices, IBM and WNS Global Services.

Neeraj Bhargava of Zodius Capital has rich experience in starting new companies. He founded WNS Global Services in 2002. He is one of the first investor in, online tour operating company.


Antuit has received two round of funding from 2 investors. The company received $3 million during August, 2013 as venture capital from Zodius Capital. They received another $56 million from Goldman Sachs and Zodius Capital during Jan, 2015. The funding will help Antuit to expand globally thru organic growth and acquisitions.

The company has big clients like Hyatt Hotels Corp, Fonterra, Orix Corporation and Avon Products. It operates from New York, Seattle, Singapore, Bangalore and Auckland. Antuit has partnered with National University of Singapore; the company is working on accurate predictions of stock markets by analysing data in Straits Times Technology on Singapore’s export and import of technology.

After funding by Goldman Sachs, its Managing Directors Ankur Sahu and Vishal Bakshi join the board of directors. The board of directors have Marc Dragon, Yogi Shankar, and Amitabh Bose as partners. Neeraj Bhargava is the Chairman of Antuit.


“Goldman Sachs brings us not only capital, but also deep expertise around how to grow into such a company and a global network of corporate relationships,” said Arijit Sengupta, Chief Executive Officer after funding.

“Antuit modular solutions uniquely combine an understanding of industry, business and data science to deliver better revenues, cost efficiencies and investment decisions for customers,” said Neeraj Bhargava after funding.

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