Most anticipated DJ mixing app Edjing launched for Windows Phone

By | August 13, 2014

It is always a good thing when highly anticipated apps enter the Windows Phone store. Few weeks back award winning DJ mixer console app Edjing launched for Windows Phone and it has been highly regarded on iOS and Android. Edjing has been launched for Windows 8.1 earlier this year and it has finally made it way to enter into Windows Phone Store.

Edjing_Windows _Phone


  • Unlimited access to your personal music library along with the display of track bpm.
  • Sharing option is there so that you can share your own mix on Facebook.
  • 2 Turntables and Crossfader realize the professional like transitions.
  • Option to sort the music by bpm.
  • Pitch/Scratch on Vinyl like the real DJ.
  • Offers the wide range of free audio effects FX : Flanger, Cue, Echo, Loop, Equalizer.
  • Very perceptive and redefined User Interface.
  • In built store with additional effects like Pre-Cueing, Double flipping, Reverse, Reverbs, Auto Scratch, Gate, TK Filter and more.
  • Wide sound spectrum for the optimum beats localization.
  • Ability to record up to one hour of mixing.
  • Record in the HD CD quality, wave format.
  • “Automix” mode for the automatic transitions between the playlist titles.
  • BPM synchronization achieves the seamless transitions.

Edjing is the most awaited and welcomed app for Windows Phone, but there is one problem, the app is just a buggy for now. The average rating from the users is also just two star and many complaints received regarding the lag, bugs and app crashing. But for Windows 8.1 it is complete opposite as it is holding average four star rating on Windows 8.1 and there are so many happy users.

We hope that it may soon receive the update and fix all these bugs and other things. Edjing for Windows 8.1 is stellar and we are expecting that on the Windows Phone. Stay tuned for further updates.

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