Announcing The Tech Bulletin Forums. Join and win Rewards!


The awesome response from the readers has helped us to achieve a lot of dreams with The Tech Bulletin in the recent past. Majority of plans which we executed with  The Tech Bulletin have been successful, thanks to the readers.

Well, in the procedure of keep doing something good with the portal, we have recently come up with an idea of launching a Forum. The implementation took a little while, but here we are, announcing The Tech Bulletin Forums open for the general public right from September 01, 2014.

To make the launch more interesting, we have come up with a contest. With every single registration, post and reply, users will get some points credited to their user account, those points later can be exchanged for Cash.

The main logic, whoever makes it to the top in the list of most active members (member with the most number of posts) will get an additional 100$ worth of cash directly credited to his/her account.

Well, this is it. I think it’s enough of the details to be given at this moment, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comments section.

To know more about the forum and the reward system, click here.

Good Luck.