Animated LockScreen Preview app available Windows Phone 8.1


Recently the Microsoft has displayed the upcoming lockscreen for the Windows Phone device. This lock screen comes with dramtic animation which offered a cool look to the windows Smartphone. The App is specially designed for the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.This app, is called Animated LockScreen Preview, is what the YouTube video was demonstrating and it’s available right now for you to download. It’s not a fully functional app (since the APIs haven’t been released yet), but is a solid demo of what’s to come.

The Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has teased that this feature will be available soon for the Windows Phone user, but Venetasoft (maker of the Movie Maker 8.1) has  release an app which demonstrate the feature in action and shows the consumer what the lockscreens could look like on their mobile device. The app is a free preview because  the Microsoft APIs to fully implement more advanced lockscreen in Windows Phone 8.1 aren’t yet available.

lockscreen-preview app for windows phone 8.1

For this you have to need to do is take a screenshot of your Start screen and select a background to use as the lockscreen and you are done. Three losckscreen styles are now avialble, two restyled options using lockscreens shown at BUILD and another option to get you excited.

It is noted by the team that once the final APIs are released, they will release a full version on the store with everything patched together to work in a live environment, as well as some more awesome effects on the startsceen.  They also recommend you  to download the app and give the lockscreen demo a go. If you want to download the app then you have to click here!