Angry Birds for Windows Phone updated with 15 new levels


Original Angry Birds game developed by Rovio for Windows Phone is today picking up a huge update with a whole bunch of new levels to play with the addition of the new “Flock Favorites” episode. The new levels are based on the previous favorite episodes and bring yet more new life to the long standing favorite.


Here is the changelog of the new update listed by the developer in the Windows Phone Store.

  • 15 brand new levels which are based on your favorite episodes including the Red’s Mighty feathers, Short fuse, Surf and Turf and many more.
  • Juice Up your Bird! Super seeds are now. Power potion, means transfer any bird into the pig popping giant.

The new Power potions help you get out of the green pig related jams. This update is automatically available for the current users and if you are the new users you can download it from the Windows Store from the below link.

Angry Birds is the most popular game where the survival of the Angry birds is at stake and you need to dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole the birds eggs. The game is interesting and challenging from beginning and make use of the unique powers of the birds to destroy the pig’s defenses. The game features the challenging, physics based annihilation gameplay with hours and hours of replay value. The game contains over 300 levels and each of these levels require the skill, logic and force to solve.

You can try the free version before buying the game and the game is available for $0.99. Download the game from the below link.

Download Angry Birds for Windows Phone