Andromo-platform to create Android apps without coding

By | May 2, 2014

Design your own Android app with out using the programming skills, Also you can design quickly by using the Andromo mobile  platform service. If you are interested in developing your own Android app for your personal work or business there are two types of methods they are

  1. One can developed by his own.
  2. By hiring a developer.

The first way needs the programming language known by you where as the second way needs cash to hire a developer in both above two ways time is the constraint. Here I am going to show the third method to create an Android app with out coding. Now a days there are many Android code platforms are available online within a Budget limits. Andromo is also a mobile platform which make is it possible with out knowing the Programming language.

How to use Andromo 

By using Andromo it is very easy to develop a code as I said earlier. The only thing you have to do is that you have to specify the functionality that you want to avail and appearance of the app. once you have done this you majaor jonb is completed. Automatically Andromo will generate the custom java code for the functionality you have given and links it to the cloud servers using Google official Android SDK. Finally your specified application is ready to use on your Smartphone.

Steps to create app

  • Register or log in to your account here.
  • Once you log in to Andromo you are ready to create app, so click on create New app Button.
  • Give a Unique project name which is meaningful.


  • After giving the meaningful name to the project your main development starts, starting from the basic description to the source all the things you have to give necessary details.


  • That’s it, your specific app is ready to use.

Over all this Andromo is good designed platform to create new application of your own and also you can added the extra functionality for the already present application at some point  not from the scratch and you can upload your “.apk file” in the Google play store directly from Andromo.