Android Wear now to translate your conversation



With the new update of Android Wear, Google Translate will be available for smart devices, because Google Translate has made its way on Android Wear. Today’s update of Android Wear has multiple watch faces, along with this it will also have Google Translate app. This app will allow two different language speaking people communicate through each other quite easily.

Using the Google Translate on your smartwatch is pretty easy, you just have to speak into the watch and move the watch back and forth to translate it. When you want to talk to someone, who doesn’t know your language, you just have to speak into your smartwatch and then move it back to show the translated message to the person you are talking to. Then your other friend will talk into the watch and then flip it back to you to see the translation. The design of the app is pretty cool and can be used to talk to people of different language.

You don’t have to worry about selecting name of the language to translate, as Android Wear will automatically recognize the language, you just have to tap to start the translation. The Translate feature will work with only 44 out of 90 languages. The only requirements for this Google Translate watch app is an active internet connection. This new update, which includes different watch faces and Google Translate will make the smartwatch more useful for sure.