Android wear new update gives more option to watch faces

By | August 21, 2015


Google Android fans, you have a good reason to smile as Android Wear is getting an update this week. This new update will add lots of options for interactive faces to your smartwatch, which will make the smartwatch even smarter in its looks.

The new update will be available from today and you can tap the watch face to show more information or by tapping you can also launch an app. Today, there are three watch faces that have been released and they are “Bits, Under Armour and Together”. Watch face named “Bits” shows time in the center and different other things like meetings time, weather, date and emails circle around the center. This is one of most practical and stylish designed face.

The second watch face named “Under Armour” will show your fitness data like how many steps you have taken, the distance traveled by you as well as amount of calories burned etc. This watch face is useful while you are running or want to keep track of your activity.

The last but not the least face is “Together”, which will change the entire face of the watch into a display to share emoji, photos, doodles or activity with your friends. This features looks similar to the Apple watch. There is no word yet describing the name of the update, however, it looks pretty cool for sure.