Android Silver will replace the Nexus program


Now, according to the latest report the Nexus program will be retiring next year and instead of that the Android Silver will take place. In the Earlier in this month we are first heard about the Google new project Android Silver.

Android Silver will replace the Nexus program

The Google has  a plan, according to which the best Nexus and GPE and experience will be available in the Android Silver. In this Android Silver, the Google has a plan  to offer these handsets directly through the carriers. The Google  has bigger ambitions when it comes to consumer reach. The tech giant Google has a plan to spend a big amount over the Android Silver’s marketing campaign.


The Google Android Silver will offer a unified Android experience as compared to the “fragmented Android”. That means the Google will have more control over the software which are running on these devices, and will even have a say in the types of hardware specifications and features which are ending up with qualified Android Silver products on the Google.

In this Google Android Silver program the primary manufacturer has initiated the pure Android experience which  already provided by some  of the manufacturers such as  Motorola, LG and even Sony. Whereas Samsung and HTC will be less interested in participating, though the added benefit of heavy advertising could be enough to pique HTC’s interest.

android silver

Now some questions are raised from this  report- What will be the pricing of these Android Silver handsets as compare to the Nexus, The old Nexus device support and providing by the Google or not. And how it is useful for the consumers.