Android Pay now available to everyone in US

By | September 21, 2015


Android Pay has now made its way officially to the Google Play store. Android Pay was announced earlier and is a NFC powered payment system from Google.

Last week, Android Pay made its slow way to the Play Store and was available as the update of Google Wallet, but the company has officially released this payment system for all the users as an application and can be downloaded via Play Store.

The basic requirements of Android Pay are a smartphone with NFC capabilities and should run Operating System KitKat 4.4 and later. If your device fulfills the basic requirements, you can download the Android Pay NFC powered payment system from Google Play Store. If you are currently using Google Wallet, this payment service will be replaced once you download Android Pay.

Now Google Wallet will still exist, but it is going to be used as means to transfer money to one another, whereas Android Pay. Android Pay will work as a payment system that allows users to pay for their shopping at the counters by using your smartphones. Currently Android Pay is only available in U.S. and supports various credit and debit cards from different banks of US. The service also supports gift cards and loyalty cards for the retailers.

Currently it looks like mobile payments system is quite on a roll as various companies have released their own payment system. Google has Android Pay, whereas Apple has Apple Pay and Samsung offers Samsung Pay. Only time will tell that which of these mobile payment system will be on the top.