Android pay coming soon, but when is a real question



There are lots of speculations about the release of Android Pay. Android Pay is an upcoming payment platform from Google, which allows the Android users to pay for product purchases with the mobile app. According to a report from TechCrunch, the product may not be released today or anytime this week. But the partners believe otherwise for they are promoting this new payment method through mobile.

For those unaware of mobile payment system let me tell you that paying through mobile for any purchase is quite easy and convenient. You can buy or pay bill with a single click using your smartphones. Apple Pay has already hit the markets and other mobile payment systems are going to be released soon.

Hoping Android Pay will have some interesting features like Apple Pay and this cannot be before it hits the market. Some reports suggest that it may be launched along with Android Marshmallow, but some retailers are have accepted it already.

The tweet from official Android says, “Looking forward to #AndroidPay? Stay tuned. #soon”. According to this tweet, it can be said that Android Pay will release soon, but how soon is still vague.

Earlier a report suggested that the Android Pay will release on August 26, meaning today in US. Even the largest food chain retailer McDonald’s has mentioned that the Android Pay is going to be released today. So it looks quite confusing, as Google has not officially announced about the release of this payment system but others are saying the opposite.

Hope Google reveals the date soon rather just making announcements with ‘soon.’