Android KitKat update coming in Google Glass


The tech Giant Google has announced that the firmware update will come from the Google Glass. The Google Glass will get the Android KitKat 4.4.2 in the upcoming week, which is rolling out by the technology giant Google. This update will bring many features for the Google Glass.

Android KitKat update coming in Google Glass

According to news those users have a Google Glass, they will get the notifications from the official Google + account which ask for the  next round of updates.

The Android KitKat update brings KitKat Glass software will enable the developers to write ‘Glassware’ using the Android SDK and some new features from the GDK. The KitKat update for the Google Glass will also provide the users send images via Hangouts by simply tapping the ‘Reply’ button and capturing a photo. The Google Glass users will also get an experience a simplified voice command menu, which will now appear sorted out as per user’s frequently used voice commands.


This update also brings the ‘Photo Bundles’, which has a feature that has been requested by the Glass Explorers for a long interval of time. This feature of Google Glass would organize the images and videos from the user’s timeline in bundles. The Glass users  scroll less and see more photos unlike before.

The tech giant Google will be removing the video calling feature from Glass in this Android KitKat update because  many of the Glass Explorers have been complaining about the video call quality and this function of Google Glass has use by the 10 percent explorers only.