Android App Save for Vine : Review


Save for vine pro is an android game recently came in Google play store, By using this Save for vine pro app we can save vine videos to your smart device as this is specially designed. so that we can watch the videos again and again with out going to click on original post again. By using this app you can save the videos which you make like favorite and Comments as well as you can browse through the popular videos.

Save for vine

The way to save the videos in save for vine is nothing simply you need to log in through your vine account and downloading the vine videos you want and spending time in the network as you normally do.

How to Use

  • The first thing you have to do is download this application save for vine pro in your device Google play store, After downloading start installing the app, after installing the app an icon will appear on your screen.
  • If you click on the application icon, the app will open you can log in to the account normally by using your email address.

Save for vine

  • Once you logged in to the account, give some popular vines right now.
  • While watching the videos give a comment or like to that videos which you have watched.
  • you can easily watch the save vines video by hitting the download button, adjacent button allows you to upload, re share and like.

Save for vine


  • Easy to setup and use, And log in through the already exists email address.
  • Great way to view the popular videos which we like, comment and favorite.
  • Encourage the uses to like, comment, Re share rather than downloading.


  • Graphics are not clear if you use this app in Tablets
  • There is a way to view the saved vines no need to use this app.


Overall the app save for vine is good for the users who are interested to share the videos, as well as it also allows to downloading the videos. Their is also a way to save the videos which you have like, comment and Favorite. UI of this application is user friendly.

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