Anagramble : Fast-paced word game for Windows Phone Users


Anagramble is a Windows Phone word game, which offered  you  only two minutes, thirty words and you have a  task of finding anagrams within those words. The Anagrams are words created by re-arranging the letters of a word. It is only 2 MB in size and compatible with 512 MB RAM devices.

The Anagramble is a simple word game which comes across as a fun time for your Windows Phone.  It has a simple layout with easy game mechanics and the gameplay is challenging. You will observe that in the  main menu there are only four options – play the game, access the options, exit the game and access the help screens. Even the options are minimal with the only setting present is muting the sound.


If in the case you misspelled your anagram or created a word that doesn’t exist,   then the game will not accept your submission. It is time based game, in  the period of two minutes you have to make more and more correct word to make the highest score. The Anagramble uses a Scrabble type points system. Each letter is assigned a point value and the score for each word is the cumulative of the letter values.

The two minute gaming format gives Anagramble a bit of flexibility in that it can help you pass short bits of time or stand up to longer gaming session. The game is compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 8.1, if you want to download the game then click here!