Amkette launches Evo Gamepad for Smartphones

By | August 28, 2015

We live in a world where a person without smartphone is considered outdated and well, it should be because the tech world is bringing up so many products that a life would fall short to use all those products. Though we all know that smartphones can do lot of functions at once but it is hard to imagine that it can be a complete package for gaming. Smartphone has never given us the thrust that PCs and Tablet can offer on the gaming front. However, the mindset of people will change very soon with the latest product Evo Gamepad by Amkette as it bridges the gap between smartphone and gaming for as less as $42.

This new Gamepad allows you to connect your smartphone through Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite gaming like Asphalt 8: Airborne, like never before.

Amkette has put a lot of effort in making sure that Evo Gamepad has all the attributes and accessories to make gaming more fascinating and becoming gamer’s favorite. The device has been built with rubberized elements and the brand implies to make sure that the most of its design language are assimilated from controllers that an Xbox or PlayStation offers. Evo Gamepad is loaded with a 400mAh battery and could be charged via micro USB.