Ambush in Sector 9 : Action packed arcade shooting Android game

By | May 15, 2014

Ambush in Sector 9 is the action packed arcade shooting game for Android developed by an indie developer and published by the company Pug Fugly games on the Google Play Store. It is similar to thee game Space Impact which you would have seen in yesteryear mobile phones.

In the game you are an action packed shooter and all you need to do is escape from the aliens that are surrounded you. Initially you will have a bomb power using which you can aim at your enemies to get rid of them. In the game the wave after wave of the dangerous aliens want to get wipe out in time for tea and you need to face them.

You will be given some weapons and you cannot go down with out the fight, use the power ups and take them as many as you can. You will get some power ups in the middle and some weapons and use them perfectly to take on the aliens. Number of aliens and difficulty will be increased wave by wave.



  • Pure arcade gameplay and it will be challenging for any gamer.
  • Drones and Power ups help you to fight against the aliens and kill as many as you can.
  • Amazing graphics, explosions, different type of alien enemies and beautiful visual effects.
  • Unlock the achievements in the game with your gameplay and share your score and compare your skills with the friends in the leaderboard.

It is very simple game and anyone can play. I promise you that it will be definitely interesting and you will like the game. If you have downloaded the game give your valuable suggestions and review for the game in the comments box below.

Download Ambush in Sector 9 here.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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