Amazon’s first store opened for the convenience of students


Amazon after setting its foot in many ventures, it has recently set its foot in a college campus as a retailer and as pick-up point  for students. Amazon has made ordering to picking up books and other essentials more convenient with its new store.

Amazon's first store

Amazon on Tuesday announced the grand inaugural of its first-ever staffed pickup and drop-off location at Purdue University. Students can simply head over to the new Amazon Hub to pick up the booked ordered online and also, return any textbook rentals without having to walk to the nearby post office. Apart from serving as pick-up point, the store effectively acts as a catalogue sales-style retail store set in at the place where the students would need the most. The campus store is staffed by the actual Amazon employees. Through this, the company is looking for a pathway to expand its presence in the educational text book market.

Through their new store, students of Purdue university can look for the books assigned for each class via Purdue logo badge and buy the books (or any Amazon item) that will be made available in a day at the pick-up point. When they checkout, they can select Amazon@Purdue option as the shipping address and the student would be notified through mail or text when the item is ready for collection. Pick-up is possible through self-serve lockers or through requesting the Amazon employees at their desk. The items are expected to be delivered in just a day time.

Apart from the current students of the university, it also allows alumni and faculties to be benefitted over the Amazon’s website.

Paul Ryder, the vice president of media and student program at Amazon, stated that they (Amazon  and Purdue) work to help the students by providing them with a spot convenient and safe to pick up their stuff at hours that work with their class schedules, no matter whether its books, laptops, mac or milk. They are soon to open their second store at Purdue Memorial Union building around a mile or two apart from the first store. More such stores in two other universities could be expected in near future.

Amazon’s ploy or strategy seems like a smart one. Though it looks like Amazon is trading a small portion of its fortune to secure a location, the rewards it reaps back are endless. It gets to be branded with the school/college and close curriculum placement and also, it becomes a convenience store with endless stock and the selection range for the students. Through these stores, Amazon goes to the students rather than the students going to Amazon to buy items.

Amazon does know how to take in the perfect combination of convenience, price competition and a healthy dose of school brand to influence the shopping behavior throughout the lives of the students. Meanwhile in the near future, based on rumors about Amazon buying bankrupted RadioShacks retail stores, one could expect the RadioShacks stores serving as pick-point in various locations.